Candee Gross

Candee Gross

Office Dog

After fostering numerous dogs for Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue (SCGRR) the family ws ready for a new addition of our own. We met Candee as a puppy in April of 2013 and immediately fell in love. She fit right into a home of kids, other dogs, rabbits and a cat. She gets along with any type of animal and person but seems especially fond of children.

During her leisure time Candee enjoys soaking herself in the pool followed by an intense roll on the grass and then a stress reducing belly rub and sun bathe.

Candee’s profile photo is of her as Miss December 2014 of the SCGRR calendar. Candee is our very own calendar Girl.


LPL Financial is not affiliated with the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue.  (05/20)